The sharp reduction in wind, photovoltaic and battery costs will result in a half-powered network of these technologies by 2050, in line with the BNEF scenario for meeting climate targets.

Greece is one of the nine countries in the world producing more than 20% of their electricity from solar and wind power, according to the REN21 (GSR) Global Renewable Energy Sources Report released today. These countries are Denmark, Uruguay, Ireland, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Greece, United Kingdom, Honduras.

Στόχος του Ηνωμένου Βασιλείου είναι η οικονομία μηδενικού ισοζυγίου ρύπων και το νέο σχέδιο για να πλησιάσει αυτόν το στόχο είναι η κατασκευή της μεγαλύτερης μπαταρίας στη χώρα.

Photovoltaics will be more competitive than gas plants almost all over the world by 2023, based on flattened costs, according to Wood Mackenzie's analysis.

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